Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Skirt Refashion

I've been meaning to do this refashion for ages. I thought it would be quite quick, but it took ages. Not sure about how I feel about the end result either. The applique and embroidery needs blocking and I broke a needle sewing the hem - grrrr.

Anyway, less of a rant and here's how I did it.

1. Cut the skirt to above knee length, using the shaped panels as a guide.

2. I cut leaf/ petal shapes and circles from some of my stashed fabric - all previously garments - I played around with the placement until I was happy with it then used a little iron on hemming tape to secure the pieces in place.

3. I used my machine to do straight and satin stitch embroidery (I tried doing a little more ambitions decoration, but the tension on my machine, puckered the fabric too much - so I unpicked it).

4. Hemmed the skirt - some of the seams were rather thick and although I took out as much fullness as I could I still had sticking sports on the panels and broke a needle.

Finished skirt needs a good press with the iron, I think it will be worn with leggings/ tights and boots for the winter. It's a touch too short for me to use with bare legs in warmer weather.
So What do you think?


  1. I love your adorable Fall skirt. Great job.

  2. Great refashion using applique, has a definite 'Bodenesque' feel about it

  3. Love that skirt. Definitely a Boden feel.

    I was a bit confused at first-thought you had dyed the fabric since, at first it showed as some sort blue-grayish, then a bright yellowish-tan. It was the lighting, right< or did you dye it?


  4. Linda - no dye, just the lighting. must improve my photography skills.


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