Thursday, 26 January 2012

Finding the time...

It seems like I just don't get much time to post at the moment. Although I only work part time, it's taking up more and more of my non- work time as I try to get resources, plan the next stage of lessons  - oh and write reports!

I've been spending a lot of my free time working on bridesmaid dresses - which I don't want to show for fear of spoiling the big day for my friend (will share later though). I've also been researching interesting portraiture for inspiration for my Y10's.

I've found some lovely stuff - some that's new to me and some that's not - so  I thought I'd share.

I Found a lot of this stuff on Colossal - an amazing art blog - Check it out here
Takahiro Kamura via colossal
Mark Powell via Colossal
Florian Nicolle via Colossal
Lou Ross Via madeinslant
Yi Chen via
Martin Maloney via artnet


  1. I love portrait projects and I can never have too many resources for my portrait PowerPoint! So thank you for this link.
    I feel your pain regrads the marking and my reports are jsut around the corener.

  2. I love 'colossal', so many wonderful things in one place.
    I have a little gift over on my blog for you, I know you are pushed for time so don't feel you have to rush anything, I took ages getting my post ready, I had it in 'drafts' for ages and done a bit as a time.

    Enjoy xx

    Jan :)


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