Monday, 12 March 2012

Reading matter & Handmade Monday

I got a parcel on Saturday - well 3 actually!
Three sewing books. Bridal Couture, Couture Sewing Techniques and The Perfect Fit. So instead of creating on Saturday I read - well skim read, these books. I think they're going to be very useful! So what about you? what books do you find useful in pursuit of your craft?

I also started some work on a friend's wedding dress and did the first fit - lots of alterations to do! Style is not bad, but need to make some alterations to make sure it's as flattering as possible. I'm thinking about adding a corslette for support and to create a smooth line around the waist and hips.

I also made a toile for a dress I'm making from the Burda magazine. I am always tempted just to omit this stage, but I know that is false economy. This was proved true today as I'm going to need to make several adjustments.

1. The V neck - is too low and does not lie quite right on me - I need to adjust the stitching line by about 3/4 cm at the centre front. I'll also include a modesty panel as I don't like very low cut dresses.
2. the gathers on the front skirt are unflattering - i'm going to try adding another pleat/ or getting rid of the excess fabric altogether.
3. I dislike the bodice back detail. It looks awful and the side silhouette is dreadful. even with the pleats and gathers the back is about 3cm too wide, which has an effect on the shoulders too. I'm going to redraft a much plainer back with just a little gather, making these adjustments.

4. The sleeves - just don't hang quite right.  I think the sleeve head gathers are too excessive and will ease these out a little. I also think the under arm needs tapering into the armscye to create a better line.

I have some bright pink cotton mix fabric to make this up in. should look fab when it's done!

Aside from this I've completed a toile of the twist dress from Pattern Magic this week - not happy with that one.

Not much sewing to be done this week as I need to write reports for Year 9 and sort out some of the clutter that is messing up my daughter's room!


  1. The books look exciting and how good are you making toiles? I am an impatient maker, unfortunately.

  2. I wish I could get in the habit of making toiles, but I never do. Sometimes I pay the price for it. I like the top part of your twist dress.
    Thanks for linking up at Etcetorize!

  3. I am afraid I just jump straight in and do not do toils either, so bad. Love, love books have so many had to get a bigger bookcase.

  4. Super cute! I'd love it of you linked up to Crafty Cousins!


    Holla! We're your newest followers!


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