Saturday, 6 October 2012

Snuggle Onesie

A few years ago we bought my daughter a Onesie, affectionately known as her sleepy suit. she had worn this most nights for bed and loved it. However, as time goes by, children grow and items of well worn clothing get too small, battered and smelly.

I promised to make her a new one and got some spotty fleece from Abakhan Fabrics (from my runners up prize from the dress factor competition). As she had just gotten taller. I decided that all I needed to do was lengthen the pattern.

I took the original apart carefully, traced the pattern pieces and added extra length by slashing the pattern at mid sleeve, mid torso and mid leg. resulting in a pattern about 15cm longer than the original, enough to give her some growing room, but not too big.

It was quick to sew up, using my overlocker for most seams, taking about two hours to sew from start to finish. I only needed to buy a new zip so it was a cheap make too.

As soon as it was finished, she put it on and that was that!


  1. It looks lovely and cosy - perfect for snuggling up on winter nights! x

  2. My daughter loves her onesie and would live in it if allowed I suspect. Yours looks fab!! Well done! x

  3. Looks like she loves it. Next job for the overlocker may be to fix that hole in her sock though :-D

    1. I knew someone would pick up on that! it's what happens when you have a child who wants to wear her ankle socks as knee highs!

  4. She will be nice and warm when winter strikes! Nice to be able to make a pattern from an outgrown one.

  5. How cosy does that look? Clever you, I don't think she's ever going to take it off.

  6. Very cute. Now the only problem will be getting her to take it off for the washing machine. x

  7. Brilliant, it looks just the job for cold winter nights.

  8. I am SO impressed by this. I'd love to make one, for ME.

  9. It's brilliant!I've been after one for my son for ages but can't find one so you've inspired me to think about making it myself!

  10. Will she ever take it off? It looks perfect for rainy days.

  11. It looks so snuggly and cosy, well done, and well done on being a runner up too.

    Jan x


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