Sunday, 4 November 2012

Burdastyle Jacket Finally!

Wow - this took sooooooo much longer than planned. After I made the Abbey Coat a couple of weeks ago I thought this would be an easy make, and he construction was fine.

I adapted the pattern to add facings to the lining, at the neck and the hem. I also inserted a pleat in the lining at the back to allow for wearing ease. - all easy. However I made a stupid error, and one I must never again make, I did not make a muslin or even measure the pattern pieces. As I posted a few days ago. I'd made the jacket and then found it was too big. Trying to make adjustments with the jacket constructed and the lining in place is not easy!

However, adjust it I did - the fit was better, but the shoulders still seamed rather baggy, so I took some shoulder pads from an unwanted jacket and inserted them inside the jacket. much better! I also decided to go with coloured buttons to liven this work staple up a bit. I think it will look great with my bright pink dress! I made a dress of the same fabric, thinking they might work well together, but it's just too grey! I will make a pencil skirt with the remaining fabric and team it with a bright top, for an eyecatching suit.

Grey Suiting £2.50pm from South Shields market
Black Lining £1pm also from the market.
lining and shoulder pads from my stash.
Buttons 25p each from Marian's wool and haberdashery, Newbiggin

Would I make it again? - maybe, but as a casual jacket.


  1. That is such a lovely you will make another!

  2. I really enjoy reading your posts about your sewing. You make it all seem so easy. You are very talented :)

    1. Thanks - it's great to know people actually like to read what I write!

  3. I'm so envious that you can make these things. Lovely jacket

  4. Lovely jacket - fab colour and it looks great on you! My very beautiful and talented big Sis! :)

  5. This jacket is amazing and I love the photo. You must be so proud!


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