Sunday, 3 March 2013

Polkadot Purple


Doesn't that image just make your eyes spin? - it's an odd effect that images of tiny spots has!
So I finally finished the dress that I made up from my vintage Maudella pattern.  I adapted the pattern slightly to have a button from, rather than a zip. This worked well although I'd use a narrower button stand and vertical buttonholes next time.

70's collar
 The pattern was easy to follow, but there were some odd construction methods. The bodice and skirt panels were sewn together before sewing the side seams, which is not how I'd normally construct a dress.
Strange side seams

The bust darts were a little short and I lengthened them by about an inch. The armhole facings were HUGE, and even when stitched to the seams, would flap into the armscye - A bit of hemmit sorted out that problem, next time I make this dress, and I will - I already have fabric for version 2, I'll use a bias strip.
Huge arm facings

I do like the extended shoulders, which fold back to give a nice detail.

Shoulder flaps

I used a slightly too firm interfacing for the collar, and will use something lighter next time. I like the contrast buttons (which I sewed on with my machine - first time I've done that) and feel the dress needs a matching belt, when I wear it. I haven't found one yet though.

Contrast Buttons

 I haven't worn this yet, as it's a dress for warmer weather, but hopefully it won't be too long!

Pattern: 20p
Fabric: £15
Buttons: £1.20
Interfacing & Thread: - from stash


  1. Nice dress, you did such a great job, I'm not quite that confident in showing the inside a dress when I make one, but yours turned out really nice.

  2. Love the polka dots and the little sleeves! Great job lining up those seams and with the button holes. :) The last dress I made had the top and bottom of the front and back pieces sewn together before the side seams too.

  3. I really like this dress. I am very impressed that you have a machine that can sew buttons on for you (and a little bit jealous!).

    1. I just use the zigzag stitch, drop the feed dog and use a very short stitch. It helps if you have a darning foot. To be honest I probably won't use it very often. I prefer sewing them on by hand.

  4. Wow i do admire your skills in making this, the result is so lovely! x

  5. I love that dress and you've done a fab job on it. Roll on the warmer weather!

  6. Such a pretty dress, and I can't believe how neat the inside is - it's a work of art in its own right! :)

    1. Overlockers really do make a difference.

  7. lovely dress - i do like polka dots

  8. I have made dresses, but the insides were never so neat and tidy. I like the fabric you chose, and impressed with the button technique!
    Wendy x

  9. I love the dress and really admire your skill in making it!

  10. Looks lovely - let's hope suitable weather is here soon!

  11. It's lovely and I imagine it's very flattering when it's on because it hangs so well on the dummy.Oops that sounds awful,should I say mannequin?!

  12. Wow - I'm dead impressed with the dress - it looks amazing :-) Simmi x


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