Saturday, 13 April 2013

Tangerine Dreams - or how my daughter made her own dress part 2

 Last week I posted here about my daughter making her own dress. I had tried to get her to sew last year, but she wasn't really interested! This time, however, she was keen, wanted to do most of it herself and she did.

Through making this dress she is now confident in;
  • Pinning and sewing a straight seam (with even seam allowance).
  • Folding, pressing and sewing a baby hem.
  • Using the overlocker to neaten seams.
  • Pressing seams open and using a press cloth and tailors ham.

 She knows how to...
  • Make Bias binding (and she understands what bias binding does).
  • Insert a lapped zipper.
  • Insert set in sleeves.
She will need more help with these as they take a while to master, but at least she understands the basics.

I just love the contrast sash - matching shoes needed now. I like it that my daughter has her own style and taste. She designed this dress and we planned and made it together. I don't think it will be long before she is making her own things without my help!


  1. I love the the dress, and love that your girl made most of it since sewing really comes in handy.

  2. Very lovely dress. I love the belt colour, design. I want to encourage your daughter to continue to learn. It will always come in handy for as long as people have to wear clothes. Also since she designed this dress, there might be a hidden talent in her for design. well done. I make dresses for my girls too, hoping when they are older, they will show interest in making thier own clothes and even more.

    1. Thanks - she's very keen now and I think completing her own dress has given her a bit of a drive to do more. following a pattern next!

  3. WOW! What a great job! I love the dress. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. What lovely bold colours. They look really great together.

  5. WOW!!! Your daughter's done a fabulous job and learnt a lot. Her dress looks great!

  6. You have a very talented daughter, the dress looks beautiful, especially with the contrasting sash.

  7. What a lovely dress. She must be so proud of it.

  8. A lovely dress! Beautiful fabric. What a clever girl x

  9. What a talented daughter, she must get it from her Mum. I really like the contrasting fabric. I think you may have some competition. I loved the video of her twirling, she looks very proud.
    Ali x

  10. Amazing. You (and she) must be really proud. The dress is amazing and is very stylish. I look forward to seeing her next make :)

  11. What a gorgeous dress. The colour is lovely. You have a talented daughter. Who knows, she could be the next Stella McCartney....

  12. She is a very talented young lady and the dress is gorgeous x

  13. Awesome..............!!!!!! Loved the idea thanks for sharing.

  14. Great job! It's bright, cheerful and colours are just yummy! xx

  15. Very cute (both the lovely lady and the dress)! I love the idea of passing talent along to the next generation. I am going to teach two of my nieces to sew this summer and I can't wait to post about their work!


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