Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Exciting Creations, sharing my creative life... and a giant Tunnocks style teacake!

I've been blogging for almost Two - yes Two Years! and I've discovered a lot of creatives out there, some I've followed for a while and others I've been following just a little while. I've tried to share a little of my own creative life on this blog, but I'm also interested in the creative lives of others. So this month I'll be sharing some guest posts by fellow creatives, where they get to tell you about their creative lives!

As life get's busy I often struggle to stay in touch and I end up having loads to share, but haven't the time to share it. The last weekend has been rather like that. It seemed like summer arrived in the UK for a couple of days. It was my husbands birthday and we attended Encouraging Christian Growth Northumberland, an annual conference held over the bank holiday weekend. It's a time to catch up with Chritians in the area. Eat amazing food, great worship times and a fantastic speaker - a lovely lady called Elaine Storkey.

I was photographer which gave me permission to poke my nose in all the seminars and workshops. On the Saturday the ladies from Felton Arts, ran a felt making workshop. I've made felt before, but not in the way they showed us. there was a spare place and I joined in, creating this lovely piece of felt. I was amazed at how quick and easy it was - I'll definitely be doing it again.

My Hubby decided he wanted a giant chocolate teacake for his birthday cake - so that is how I spent Monday. I used this Paul Hollywood recipe and just doubled the quantities. I used a 2 litre Pyrex bow,l lined with cling film, for the mould, used milk chocolate, and made a large biscuit for the base. It took a while to set, but tasted amazing.

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