Sunday, 1 June 2014

Fabric finds

We've all heard about the man outside Sainsburys on Walthamstow Market. Which is great if you're a Londoner or frequently in the city. For those of us up north a long expensive journey to the city to buy cheap fabric defeats the purpose. So what to do? Where does one get reasonably priced fabric?

I love the local sewing shop in Morpeth and buy there when I can. But they aren't cheap and sometimes I need cheap fabric, especially when I'm making up a design I'm not sure about or to use as a muslin. I needed that fabric this week so off I went to the market, South Shields market. Where I browse 2 stalls, one selling dress fabrics and the other furnishing fabrics and most under £5m. I bought cotton jersey, a woven cotton mix. Poly I think and some stretch knit with lots of Lycra in. I have things planned for these. 


  1. Hi - Is this the Monday/Saturday market or the Friday flea market?

  2. It's the one on Saturday. was there just last week.


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