Tuesday, 28 July 2015

New Look 6095 finally finished. Only 2 years after starting it

This photo is from the 13th June 2013. Mum had chosen this lovely printed Jersey from Sharmas in Nottingham back in February. She wanted a shift dress with a cowl neck. She chose this new look pattern as a basic style and we adapted it. 

The pattern is for wovens, so we omitted the zip and I moved the bust dart and incorporated it into the cowl neck. 
The fabric has been pinned to the pattern pieces for the last two years, and each time I've seen mum, I've asked if she'd made the dress. Which she hadn't. I think she was a bit wary of the jersey fabric.
After spending the weekend in London I have been spending a couple of days at mums and yesterday we finally made up the dress. I did the sewing and mum did the pressing. The sewing was done on a basic, but quite new Janome machine.
We didn't make many alterations to the fit, but the sleeve was a little bit too low and loose so I took a couple of inches in under the arm on the upper part of the side seam.

Mum wore the dress to go out for lunch today. I think it looks great and the colour suits her. What do you think?

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Sinead, Sigourney or Something Else

After the deed
Today I lost my hair.
This was planned.
I shaved it all off.
Infront of a whole bunch of 9-13 year olds.

I was not scared.
I am not brave.
Not worried.
Not even a bit.
Which was slightly strange.
I did wonder what I'd look like.
Would I have the right head shape to carry it off?

egg head
 It's only hair.
It will grow back.
But the effects of today will last quite a while.
I think I kind of like it.
I may need to wear more make up.
I raised money
The total currently stands at about £850.
Still waiting for more pledges to come in.

So is it Sinead or Sigourney?
What do you think?

What would you wear to make the most of a bald head?

If you'd like to donate you still can at Justgiving.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Going in new direction

Have you ever wanted a custom t-shirt? I have. it can just be so expensive to get your designs printed, especially if you only want a few.

Prompted by my husband I looked at making some of my designs available on Redbubble. He regularly buys from them  and the quality of theur product are great. I thought it could be a good place to get designs printed so over the last week or so I have uploaded some of my designs.
I thought I'd share them here.


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