Sunday, 18 October 2015

Bells Palsy update

Well. It's been 4 months since I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. It seems like soooooo long ago. But the good news is it is improving, and I've seen marked improvement since September. I feel like i'm nearly back to normal, but not quite. You can read about the beginning of my journey here
My hair has also grown in really thickly after having it shaved off at the end of July.

So I thought I'd share a bit of the journey here. If you've been diagnosed with this condition it might help you figure out what to expect. This is rather picture heavy!

This was just after I was diagnosed. I think it got worse for a while before getting better.

Middle of July - Not much has changed.

 My closes a little bit more here. Still July - I was taking photos weekly. I soon got bored of that!

And now with a shaved head - Still not much Improvement. This is Late July.

 Early August. With concentration I can close my eye. Still drinking through a straw for most of the time. I can manage a cup if its thin china.

The eye is much better. I can manage a cup, but my grin is still wonky. Putting on lipstick and mascara is still tricky. Late August.

Now I feel like my face is almost back to normal. My grin is still a bit wonky and I'm still taping my eye at night - mainly as a precaution. Drinking is ok, I can't wink my right eye yet, but I can close it. Eating things that I have to take a bite out of is still tricky and I do still bite my gum on occassion. People are starting to notice the improvement. Oh and my hair ist starting to lie a little flatter after sticking up over the last few weeks.


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