Sunday, 3 April 2016

Named Kielo Convert

I am a Named Kielo convert!

Mum in her Kielo Dress.

I had originally bypassed this pattern as I was not really impressed by the styling on the Named website. I think it was the really sheer fabric and colour choice that put me off. How misled I was!

However, recently I had seen quite a few versions around the internet including this one by busylizzieinbrizzie.

and this one by Wasted Weekends.

The styling seems to suit most bodyshapes and I had been on the lookout for a maxi dress pattern for the summer. As I'm going to be in Hong Kong and China for a few weeks I really needed a light fabric that wont crease and will look fab after being screwed up in a case for many hours! I found this blue fabric at a local market for £2 a metre. It's semi sheer so I will need to wear a half slip with it.

I know that the Kielo is drafted for a knit or stretch woven, but I thought I'd give it a go in my fabric as it had only cost me a total of £4 for the 2m needed. (On a side note, I went into Dorothy Perkins the other day and this fabric is one of their current lines, as a blouse and dress.)

I cut a straight size10 (38) and made not adjustments during the construction. I made a self bias binding for the neck and armholes, and made sure not to make the seams bigger than the 1cm included on the pdf pattern.

I allowed about 5cm more on the back vent as the fabric is a woven and others had said it was a bit low. I took off about 5cm at the hem and did a rolled hem. Unfortuately I haven't photographed my version yet as it's too sheer and needs a slip which I don't have. I will post this soon.

My mum was visiting when I was making my dress and was impressed by the fit and styling and asked me to make her one. We headed off to The Sewing Box in Morpeth and bought a beautiful drapey Crepe de chine style fabric (with no stretch), also synthetic and the sort of fabric that would look stunning even after being screwed up for hours. My mum travels quite a lot and this is the perfect dress for her to take out to Spain or on her travels.

I cut and sewed a Size 14 and finished it the same way as I did mine (mum made the bias binding - which was no mean feat with this slippery fabric). We are the same height and so the length of the dress was the same as mine. I am now convinced that this pattern works well in a light weight woven with no stretch, but I would like to make it in a knit to see the difference. I plan to make a shorter one for work and one with sleeves for the winter.

I am converted to this pattern - it's amazing what fabric choice can make to the styling of a dress.


  1. I'm a bit like you in that I didn't look twice at this pattern initially, but the more versions I see, the more I love it. This is lovely. Now added to my queue!

    1. Can't believe I left it soooo long.

  2. I'm thrilled with my dress, roll on some warmer days so I can show it off :-)

  3. They look beautiful and I love the designs, Clio lending a helping hand for Coombe Mill

  4. It's a great pattern (though I too wouldn't have noticed at first sight). This would work in a slinky jersey though I'd probably need heels so as not to look bottom-heavy. Nice fabric grab by the way!

  5. I would've overlooked the pattern at first glance as well but what a difference a different fabric makes. I'd like to make it in a jersey at knee length. It would be a great go-to dress for the summer #pocolo

  6. I've seen this pattern around on the internet and agree the later versions - and yours - look much better than the original beige one. Agree this will be a fab dress for the summer and I can see you might have one or two to make! Thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo

  7. Did you size up since you made it with no stretch fabrics? I'm thinking of doing the same


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